We are Now MASC Artists!

Presentation Bookings in the Ottawa Area now Available in (English and French) through MASC: Book Now

Note all other locations and social awareness presenations can be booked directly through Twin Flames Music contact@twinflamesmusic.com

Jaaji and Chelsey June do not claim to be professionals in mental health they simply use a personal approach with life experience they have gained first hand throughout the years.

If you or someone you know is in need of immediate support or have thoughts of suicide there are several toll-free numbers to speak to someone. Please reach out you are never alone.

Note these numbers also apply for Nunavimmiut

• Kamatsiaqtut Help Line 1-800-265-3333 (Inuktitut, English)

• Residential school crisis line 1-866-925-4419 (Inuktitut, English, French)

• Kids Help Phone 1-800-668-6868

• 1-866-APPELLE in Quebec (French)

Live Music Presentations 
With Twin Flames

"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent." - Victor Hugo

Jaaji and Chelsey June offer custom workshops for all ages in English, Inuktitut, and French. They work with school staff, youth groups and other community outreach programs to determine the needs. Visits include Schools (All Ages), Friendship Centers, Rehabilitation Facilities, Hospitals etc.

Mission Statement: Giving back to the community, Gently educating on difficult subjects, Cultural Appropriation, Reconciliation, Inspiring individuals to follow their dreams.

Option #1 Sharing Stories of Unbreakable Spirits:

Twin Flames take listeners on a musical journey across Canada and the Arctic, echoing the voices of their ancestors and depicting life on the land. Together, Chelsey June (Métis) and Jaaji (Inuk, Mohawk) represent the Indigenous groups in Canada (Inuit, First Nations and Métis). Their songs are written in English, French and Inuktitut. Through music they share the beauty of their cultures and incorporate both traditional and western instruments. This interactive show features original songs, thought-provoking stories and an introduction to Canada’s History, present and future from an Indigenous perspective.

Indigenous instruments played during the presentation (Traditional Hand Drum and Spirit Flutes). Older audiences will learn about realities that Inuit and Indigenous people face today and historical moments that led to a changed way of life, through stories and songs.

For younger audiences, Twin Flames are joined by their puppet friends Tulugaq (Raven), Okpik (Owl), Nanuq (Polar Bear) and Nattiq (Seal), as they explain how animals and nature play a vital role in survival. Older audiences will learn about realities that Inuit and Indigenous people face today and historical moments that led to a changed way of life, through stories and songs.


Young ones:

Junior Kindergarten, Senior Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3

Midddle Grades:

Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6

Grade 7, Grade 8

High School:

Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12 

University and College Presentations also Available


#2 Let’s get social Live Concert (Includes topics on social issues, drug and alcohol abuse alternatives, healthy living, bullying and Mental Health)

Example topics for discussion include:
Depression, Shyness, School is cool
Fitting in
Making goals
Dreaming big
Respect of one’s self and others
Internet and cyber safety

#3 Songwriting Workshop - Making Beautiful Music: 2 Hours Classroom Style 

In this presentation, Twin Flames will introduce their songwriting techniques and help participants understand the creation process of Songwriting, poetry, melody writing Also included is an Introduction Vocal Coaching, and harmonies.
In all workshops, Jaaji and Chelsey June discuss their personal journeys, the tools, and inspiration they use to accomplish their dreams in music.

Note: Workshops are all adjusted based on age groups and specific needs.


About us

Before music Jaaji was a Police officer in Quaqtaq and in Kuujjuaq, Nunavik he served for 12 years. He has a passion for making a difference. After his policing he served as a behavioural tech at the local high school in Quaqtaq where he worked with troubled youth. He also took on the job as a cultural teacher where he implemented projects that took Inuit youth out on the land the goal was to provide land-based learning. He has also worked for Makivik as the head of the Inuit Dog Slaughter compensation files. Jaaji has been living a sober life for 6 years and shares his journey to inspire others to do the same. Jaaji is a public figure and does seminars and workshops with his Wife and Bandmate Chelsey June regarding Social Awareness, Alternative Measures to healthy living. Now both full-time musicians they work to share the love and hope.

Before music Chelsey worked as an Executive Assistant for Indigenous and Northern Affairs where she spent 8 years. Prior to that, she worked in Daycares for Summer school programs. As a volunteer, she has served as mentor to those in recovery with Additions and substance abuse battles. She has been living a sober life for 14 years. She is an alumni of St. Mary’s home and outreach centre where she graduated (Immaculata SatelliteHigh school program in 2007) as a young mother. She believes in giving back as much as possible and that all healing is a circle. Chelsey is a public figure and does seminars and workshops with her husband and Bandmate Jaaji regarding Social Awareness, Alternative Measures to healthy living. She also provides inspirational speaking to women and young girls on finding their passion and following their dreams.