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Our love song and love story intertwine like no other. It feels as if we have experienced countless lifetimes, and finally, discovering one another has brought us an overwhelming sense of serenity and joy. As time passed and wounds healed, we realized that true love is a profound partnership in every aspect. Although we can reflect upon our past, we no longer dwell there. We embrace growth, cherish love, and continuously evolve. Our former selves are mere fragments of distant memories. We have made peace with our history and fully embraced the journey towards sobriety, trust, and love. 

Twin Flames

Twin Flames, the illustrious duo, have garnered immense recognition and acclaim in the realm of Canadian folk music. Their exceptional talent and artistry have earned them the prestigious title of four-time Canadian Folk Music Award winners, solidifying their position as the 2022 Vocal Group of the Year.

What sets Twin Flames apart is their ability to seamlessly blend various genres, languages, and instrumental prowess, resulting in a captivating and powerful sound that effortlessly encompasses contemplative Folk and unapologetic Rock 'n' Roll. Their music resonates deeply, leaving a lasting impact on the hearts and minds of their audience. Twin Flames have garnered over 44 music awards and nominations in just eight years, solidifying their place among contemporary music-makers and songwriters. Their success has taken them on tours around the world. 

Jaaji, hailing from Nunavik and Kahnawake (Inuk, Mohawk) and Chelsey June Settler, with (Algonquin, Métis, and Cree heritage), deliver their songs in a blend of English, French, and Inuttitut. Together, they craft captivating sonic soundscapes by incorporating Indigenous spirit flutes, traditional drums, and Western instruments. Their genuine passion for songwriting shines through their lyrics and melodies, fascinating audiences worldwide. 

Chelsey and Jaaji were selected to be featured in a television program for APTN back in 2014, which ultimately united Twin Flames; it was their enchanting harmonies that captivated each other's hearts. By September 2017, they exchanged vows in a heartwarming ceremony surrounded by their six children, solidifying a harmonious and affectionate blended family.


What's Next

Twin Flames is diligently working on their highly anticipated 4th studio Album, "Hugging the Cactus." This piece commenced its production journey at the esteemed National Music Centre, Bell Studio in Calgary, AB, and transitioned to Noble Street Studio in Toronto, ON. This forthcoming Album promises to be a quintessential Canadian creation. The release of the First Single, Hearts of Fire, from this Album has been met with resounding success, steadily climbing the music charts since its debut in January 2024.

Hugging the Cactus: Diving deep into the depths of your soul, embracing the darkness you find there, and allowing someone else to share that burden with you - that's what "Hugging the cactus" is all about. Chelsey and Jaaji believe this title perfectly encapsulates the themes of their latest album. Unlike their previous work, this album delves into darker, more introspective territory. For Chelsey and Jaaji, both living a life of sobriety, this exploration of raw emotions and confronting past traumas was a necessary step in their creative and healing journey.

Instability and isolation have weighed heavily on Chelsey and Jaaji during the past few years, so naturally, their creative output reflects this state of mind: one of being in an exhausting state of survival mode where you don’t yet have the opportunity to take stock of your emotions. Much of the album’s lyrical content came to Chelsey and Jaaji, fully formed in dreams.

They often reached for the guitar as they woke up, as dreams lingered in their mind. The time spent in isolation was a time of deep reflection, when old wounds tended to resurface. Sobriety as a way of life really creates a raw and unique writing experience, a form of therapy and self-reflection. Without the band-aid of substance, the pair has had to relearn how to work through emotions and confront the parts of themselves that most people never want to face. In essence, they have to Hug the Cactus to move forward.

With this new studio production, they wanted to explore a more Americana feel, which also includes Indigenous influences that one must be a tuned to recognize. They experiment with a desert feel and picture a long drive through the desert in reflection with their tunes playing on the radio. 

The evolution of Twin Flames is evident in this Album. With nine years in the music industry, they continue to explore and grow in the Folk and Americana genres. Twin Flames' meticulous songwriting, dedication, and passion poured into this project are a testament to their extensive experience in the industry and unwavering love for their art.

On this album, they worked with exceptional musicians and producers. The Album is under the expert guidance of Juno and Grammy award-winning producer John "Beetle" Bailey, with co-production by the seasoned Twin Flames producer Jacob Jones.

The Dream Team:
John 'Beetle' Bailey is a Canadian recording engineer, mixer, and producer. He has worked with such musicians as Alex Cuba, The Headstones, Tom Cochrane, Haywire, Triumph, Love Inc. Serena Ryder, Molly Johnson and Monkey House.

Jacob Jones: (Jake Jones) is a musician, producer, audio engineer, and composer from the UK, currently working in Ottawa, Canada. With over 15 years of experience, he has deep expertise in audio recording and production.

Kevin Breit on Lead guitar: Kevin Breit is a Canadian musician from Northern Canada. Breit has collaborated in numerous bands, and recorded solo albums on his own Poverty Playlist label, and Stony Plain Records. He is also well known for session work on numerous Grammy award-winning albums by a wide range of artists including Cassandra Wilson and Norah Jones. Breit has performed on albums that have earned 13 Grammy Awards, recording with Cassandra Wilson, Norah Jones, k.d lang, Hugh Laurie, Rosanne Cash, Holly Cole, Serena Ryder, Amos Lee, Carlos Del Junco, Molly Johnson, Marc Jordan, Natalie MacMaster, Janis Ian and many others.

David Piltch on Bass: A Canadian Musician born to a very musical family. At age 17, Piltch supported jazz musicians performing at Toronto's Bourbon Street club, including Chet Baker, Art Pepper, Zoot Sims, and Mose Allison. In 1979, Piltch recorded and toured with Blood, Sweat & Tears. Piltch has written songs with k.d. Lang, and has produced recordings for Michael Kaeshammer and Emily Saxe. As a sideman he has performed with Janis Ian, Madeleine Peyroux, Bruce Cockburn, Mary Gauthier, Aaron Neville, Bonnie Raitt, Elton John, Willie Nelson and many more.

Davide di Renzo is an alumnus of the University of Toronto's Jazz Studies program. Davide was the 'house drummer' for the hugely successful Canadian Idol television talent competition and has worked with many of the country's top performers and recording artists, including Jacksoul, Holly Cole, Ashley McIsaac, Melissa Stylianou, Dione Taylor, Heather Bambrick, Eliana Cuevas, Richard Underhill, Bill King's Saturday Night Fish Fry, Sarah Slean, Carol Welsman, and Alanis Morisette, to list just some. He is the drummer for Molly Johnson and Tom Cochrane.