Twin Flames - Omen (Official Music Video)

Omen, the music video depicts the challenges facing Mother Earth. Our Indigenous People, our ancestors, warned of this time, and unfortunately, people chose not to listen. Today, there is no denying the damage and destruction that is being done. Our people have always been connected to the land. They knew the importance of protecting what was being taken. Our people are working tirelessly to save and protect what is left.

Twin Flames - Who I am (Official Music Video) 

This is our love song, our love story. We have lived what feels like multiple lifetimes, and finally, finding each other has given us such a sense of peace and happiness. With time and healing, we have seen that real love is a partnership on every level. We can look back and reflect on the past but no longer stay there. We learn, we love, and we grow. Who we once were is simply a distant memory. We have made peace with our past and learned to respect our journey. to sobriety, trust and love. All along, we were searching for each other, our Twin Flame. 

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