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As artists in residence for Folk Alliance International 2019, we were partnered with UNESCO to write a song to celebrate the International Year of Indigenous Languages. We filmed the video at Nunavut Sivuniksavut Arctic College with many wonderful Inuit Students and staff. We were also joined by our First Nation and Metis friends live on set with photographer Sean Sisk and Videographer Matt Provencal.

In today’s society, everything and everyone is divided by labels. With Human, we want to break that pattern and help people connect no matter their background. We wrote this song to celebrate our languages, our cultures and share with the world how crucial it is to build relationships and create allies.

The highest truth of all is that we are all human sharing this mother earth.

As part of the International Year of Indigenous languages in partnership with UNESCO and Folk Alliance International, we are proud to present Human.

Inuk=Human=I am Alive

The Story

Once upon a time in a land of ice and snow there lived a man. This man spent his life on the land and learned the ways of his people. One day he went on a journey and found himself in the land of warmth and light. The man was unfamiliar with this world. He explored and discovered many things but still had a longing in  his heart for his people and his home. He began to write songs about his life and how he missed the snowflakes blowing in the wind. He shared his stories and songs for all to hear and people started to listen. With every note he sang he felt closer to home and his sadness began to disappear.

Once upon a time in a land of concrete and noise there lived a woman. She yearned for nature and for the sounds of the forest that were deeply rooted in her memories. The woman went through life always feeling like there was a bigger plan for her. She tried many ways to fill the yearning in her soul, but nothing seemed to work. One fateful day she rediscovered her culture and learned the ways of her people even though they had been hidden for generations. The woman brought back the stories of her ancestors and shared them with all who would listen. She sang her songs and with every note she sang she began to heal.
 One day the woman and the man travelled to the same place lead by a rainbow in the sky. The sky glistened pink, and they knew the ancestors were hard at work. That night they sat by a sacred fire where the two rivers meet, and they listened. As beautiful music and new voices surrounded them they both took a deep breath, grateful for where they were, thankful for where they had been, guided by the lessons they had learned along the way. In that magic moment, their voices met in perfect harmony. The ancestors knew what the woman and the man were searching for all along. Together they spread their wings and flew towards the stars.
The man and the woman met within the flame in their hearts, the fire that had been there all along. Now they soar without fear, no longer searching. This is how they became Twin Flames


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